A few years ago, I spent a year traveling around Southeast Asia and finally decided to move to Penang, a decision that changed me and my family. In 2017, my family moved here. I lived a very happy life. I accompanied my children to class, went to the market with my wife, went for morning exercises with my parents, wrote poems on the terrace facing the sea in the afternoon, and drove around on weekends to explore. At that time, I found two local Chinese in Penang, and started my business together with a small website Raymond Tours. Because of my love for Penang, more friends came to visit.


It feels good to go to school with my children every day. Sometimes I drive, sometimes I travel, and I also meet many parents. I went to the market with my wife, went to the restaurant for breakfast with my acquaintances, and blew the water with the neighbors. They saw that I was a Hong Konger and became more enthusiastic. When I have time to go for a morning exercise with my parents, go hiking with my friends, or go to a national park with my children, I feel healthier and more relaxed, with green mountains, blue sky and white clouds, and calming beaches…


I started a business in Penang, trying to connect the business opportunities of Hong Kong, Penang and Kuala Lumpur with the concept of a bridge. It is hoped that we can bring together different talents to create a win-win enterprise, and work with the same industry to activate the old business model, improve the overall efficiency, make good use of all kinds of resources in the society, and achieve the greatest social responsibility and efficiency with the smallest loss. operating profit. I don’t expect that I can change the society, but I hope to be able to unite with the same industry and do something for the society together.
Connection is the key. My business partner and I started “Raymond Tours” purely out of our love for Penang and we wanted to introduce this amazing place to our friends all over the world. Hope everyone who comes here loves this place. Many people make Penang their second home, and some move here as well. In Malaysia, there are many social organizations, such as BNI, where I met many local Chinese friends. Also, I met people from different countries at my child’s nursery. We hung out in a group so that my rusty English skills were honed.


“Win-win” In this harsh and competitive business environment, SMEs should cooperate with each other and share resources to achieve greater success. Cooperation and sharing can save a lot of resources and time for everyone, help develop networks and increase strength, open up new fields, and get access to more valuable things.


We believe that a win-win situation can only be achieved by giving all parties a fair share in terms of job opportunities and business environment. If we treat everyone and our partner companies with respect and fairness, others will have confidence in us, building connection and trust with each other. Only in this way can we achieve a “win-win” situation.


We hope to achieve “win-win” through the gathering of talents, the cooperation of partners, the integration of brands and the sharing of resources. We’ve always said it – cooperating and sharing can go a long way to the success of your business.